How To Find Free Lexmark Software For Your Printer


I’m still recovering from a nasty virus, of the computer variety!  I had to reload my operating system, my drivers, and my wordprocessing software.  I had the discs, luckily, that I just mentioned, but couldn’t find the disc that came with my printer – ouch!  I thought I’d have to buy a new printer, but luckily I found out how to fix my Lexmark printer – and for free!  Lexmark has a super easy online system for obtaining and loading printer software!

I just had to upload software for my Z715 Lexmark printer, and found the software for free, and uploaded it.  I saved the file to my desktop, then double clicked on the file and it asked me if I wanted to unzip, and I said yes.  It then automatically opened 96 files, found my printer, (which was plugged in) and then guided me through the process to print a test page.  The entire process took about 5 minutes on a DSL line.  Their website says it’ll take 38 minutes to download the software via a 56K modem, or just about a minute for a cable modem…

Here’s the link to the Lexmark Z715 Printer  page, if you need to download your free printer software!


2 responses to “How To Find Free Lexmark Software For Your Printer

  1. Thanks! This blog helped me out with my printer!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Jordan! I have the same kind of printer and didn’t want to throw my money away, so that’s why I tried to find out how to fix it, which I did! Glad I could help!

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