EBay Promo Code EBay Discount Promotion

eBay periodically sends an email for a current promotion with a discount promo code for 10% off. You need to be registered with ebay to use the promo code. Here’s the link for eBay, and you’re welcome to use this eBay link to register! Click here for eBay

For your own individualized eBay codes – opt in for emails from eBay.  Click here for eBay promo code instructions in 8 easy steps! 

Note: eBay coupons are individually targeted to predetermined eBay users. Therefore, the codes listed in this post may not work for you. The best way to receive valid eBay coupons is to opt-in to receive eBay marketing emails.  The eBay promo codes are issued individually to each person that is a registered eBay member. They’re good for 10% off (one) item price – excluding shipping. So the best way to take advantage of eBay promo codes is to register with eBay, and then you’ll be sure to get the next eBay promo code via email. One thing to take care of now, also, is to register with PayPal. When you register with PayPal, then you can use the eBay promo code, because one requirement of using the eBay promo code is that the seller must accept Paypal, and you must be registered with Paypal, (which is free.)

I just used my code, and it was a bit tricky. I kept getting a message from eBay that the promo code was invalid. I knew it was a good eBay promo code, I had just received it in an email! So I did a bit of sluething, and discovered that the email address that I had used to register with eBay was not the same one that I had used to register with PayPal – whoops! It was super easy to fix! I logged into Paypal, and went into my profile. Then in one simple step I added the email address that I use with eBay. (You can have a primary plus 7 additional email address with PayPal). Then PayPal sent me a confirmation email, to the email address that I use with eBay, I clicked on the link to verify, then went back to the eBay screen where I was in the process of completing my bid. I entered the eBay promo code again, (CFALLSAVINGS10P) and this time eBay took the code! (It’s good for a maximum of $100.00)

So if you’ve already registered with eBay, you might want to try the eBay promo code, and see if it works for you! You’ll need to be quick if you want to use this particular eBay promo code, because it expires at the end of the day October 30, 2008. (Next time I get a new one I’ll post it!) (There’s an eBay link above for easy access…)

Were you able to use the eBay promo code? Do you have an eBay promo code to share? Join the fun! Please leave a comment and let others know how much you saved with your eBay promo code!


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