Travelocity Promo Code! Get Ready for Travel Velocity Coupon!

Travelocity Promo Code!  Get Ready for Travel Velocity Coupon!

I love Travel Velocity Coupons!  Here’s a tip if you’re hooked on Travelocity promo codes –  bookmark this Travel Velocity website that specializes in Travelocity discount coupons and promo codes:  Travel Velocity.  Travel Velocity coupons change constantly, and there are so many discount flights, that I decided to go to the Travel Velocity blog for the current coupons.  (They’re constantly changing!!!!  What a challenge!!!!)

Here’s an example of why Travelocity Promo Codes drive me nuts!  Right now Travelocity is running a promotion for travel to Mexico.  So far so good, right?  Well, there’s an expiration date for the coupon, no problem.  This Travelocity promo code expires November 30, 2008.  Now here’s the twist!  You’ll need to pay with your Mastercard for this Travel Velocity coupon promo code to work….  Well that’s worth it, if you need to travel to Mexico on vacation!

An example of one they ran: Use your MasterCard® card and get $150 off your 5+ Night Flight + Hotel Vacation to Mexico
Promocode = SUN150.  And here’s a link to see all the Travel Velocity Mexico Promo Code info – Just click on the giant blue Travelocity COUPON CODE below!

So that’s my Travelocity Promo Code for the day, and since they change every day and I just can’t keep up with Travelocity promo codes here, please visit Travel Velocity for the latest Travelocity Discounts, promo Codes, coupons and travel package specials!

Were you able to use this Travelocity promo code? Join the fun and drop us a line and let us know how much you saved! Have a great vacation with TravelVelocity!

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