Walt Disney World Promo Code – Disney Discount Coupon Expires 12-20-08

My Disney dream vacation just arrived in my inbox! Disney World, Orlando Florida is the mother lode of all coupon promo codes, the most sought after vacation promotion there is! I’ve been working almost 2 years to find the Disney Promo Code that I have for you right now, and can share freely! Yeah! Gotta love Disney Promo Codes!!!!!

I first started to look for this Disney Coupon Code about two years ago, and was hot on the trail, only to find codes that had expired. Then, as part of a Disney Vacation strategy, I signed up online for Disney World emails, and just waited it out. In fact I even went to Disney World with my son, (even without a Disney Discount coupon code! Here’s a cute picture of my son at Disney World on my Cybercamps Blog!)  And (drum roll please!) lo and behold…. here is the WALT DISNEY WORLD DISCOUNT COUPON PROMOTIONAL CODE!!!!!

The Disney Magic words are….. Disney Package Code RWZ. That’s it!!! So easy!!! Just mention Walt Disney World Promo Code RWZ.

Buy 4 Nights at Walt Disney World and get 3 nights at Walt Disney World FREE!

Disney comes out with new promo codes and discounts frequently.  Would you like to keep in touch with the latest and best Disney promo codes and specials?  Please leave a comment with your email list on this blog, and you’ll receive the latest list of promo codes!  Like the list?  After you’ve tried it you’ll have the option to subscribe!  Your email address is kept private, never shared with anyone, and your time is respected.  Reply today!

Buy one of these 4-Night/4-Day Dineyworld vacation packages including accommodations and Theme Park tickets, (one park per day), and get 3 nights with tickets free! (Disney World Tickets must be used within 14 days of first use). Travel on this package between 1/4/09–3/29/09 and also receive a $200 Disney Gift Card* free at check-in.

Call 407-939-7734, or your Travel Agent today to book through 12/20/08! Mention package code RWZ.

Please try the coupon, and let us know how it worked for you!!!  Did you have fun saving money on your Walt Disney World vacation with this Disney Promo Code?  How much did you save?  Please share the good news and leave a comment!

Have a blast at Disney World!


6 responses to “Walt Disney World Promo Code – Disney Discount Coupon Expires 12-20-08

  1. need disney promtional codes

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Tennessee,
      Sorry I don’t have any Disney codes, but I will include them in future newsletters if I have them.

  2. Please send me promotion codes if you have them.
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Rama,
      I’ll watch for Disney World coupons for you, I don’t have any today. I’ll add you to the newsletter, and keep you posted.

  3. I dont have any codes right now but would like to be on your mailing list to get them. I plan on going May 2010

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Dean,
      I’ll be on the lookout for some Disney World codes for you. If you haven’t already signed up on the Disney site, take a minute and do so. That’s how I got codes the last time I had some. I’ll add you to the list, and keep you posted.

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