eBay January 2009 Promotion

eBay is running a great promotion for the month of January 2009 for new sellers and existing sellers.  Depending on the category of the item you want to sell on eBay, you can get your seller fees reduced by 50%!  This is a great discount promo on eBay!  You don’t need any eBay promo codes, just go ahead and list your items to sell on eBay.  You’ll want to read up on the restrictions, which are numerous…  (of course!)  For example, the 1/2 off sellers fees on eBay for January 2009 does not apply to Collectibles.  The restrictions seem a bit complicated, so you’d better have a look at the original eBay Promotion notice to see if the items you need to sell on eBay are allowed in this 1/2 off listing fees promotion.  Also please note that the listings in this eBay Auction Promotional Fee Discount are for 1 and 3 day auctions.  Hope this eBay promotion helps you save money selling on eBay!  Here’s the eBay link:  eBay Sellers Fees Promotion.

I’ve enjoyed making money and selling on eBay through the years, and I have a few tips for short eBay auction success.   To make the most money on eBay, time your eBay auctions to end at either 8PM (Eastern) on a Friday, or to end at 8PM (Eastern) on a Sunday.  Here’s the rationale:  Folks are getting ready to do something Friday nite, and before they “go out”, they’ll browse eBay for a bit of entertainment.  So if you end your auction at 8PM (Eastern) it’ll show up as “ending soon”, and it’ll catch their eye.  (Great way to make money online with eBay!)  Add to the excitement that time is running out, and you’ve got good timing for your eBay auction!  For Sunday, you’ll catch the people that have finally slowed down after a busy week, and are taking the time to look at eBay.  Also, they may have marked your auction as a “eBay favorite” some time earlier in the week, and are just now coming back to look at it.  Either, way, timing the eBay auction to end at 8PM on a Friday or 8PM on a Sunday is a winning eBay strategy! 

You can time your eBay auctions to end at a certain time by scheduling them to START at a certain time.  (Or, just be at the computer to “start” at the right time.)  If it’s not convenient for you to be at the computer in the evening either 1 or 3 days (for this eBay sellers promotion) prior to the end of auction.  So for a 1 day auction, start it at 8PM on the next available Thursday, or at 8PM on the next available Saturday.  For a 3 day eBay auction, start it at 8PM on the next available Tuesday at 8PM  for a Friday auction end, or at 8PM on the next available Thursday for a Sunday 8PM ending. 

Hope you’re able to save money this month with your eBay auctions, and make money online with eBay!  Here are the rules for the eBay Sellers Promotion.  Please join the conversation and let us know if this eBay Auction info was useful, and if you have any other hot eBay tips!

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3 responses to “eBay January 2009 Promotion

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  2. Thanks for the head’s up! I didnt even realize the promo was going on.. I’m going to look forward on saving bigtime this month! Thanks again!

    William Leides

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