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J. Jill, Eddie Bauer and Old Nave Promotional Codes Info

I received an email today from Laura, she subscribes to the Promo Code Friends newsletter….  She had a bit of a challenge for me!!!  She asked for 3 promo codes from companies that I haven’t been following…  I love a challenge, and so follow along for J. Jill, Eddie Bauer and Old Navy Promo Code info – you’ll see that I got completely skunked on one, had a suggestion for her on one, and hit the jackpot with the third! 


“Hi Penny:

Do you happen to have anything for J.Jill, Eddie Bauer or Old Navy?  Preferably that doesn’t require using their card.

Thank you!

Hi Laura,
I just checked the Old Navy code I gave out last week and it expired, it was a one use code….  I’ll tell you how I got it and then you can too.  I just went on their site and signed up for their emails…  Do you already get their emails?  If not, sign up, and within an hour they’ll send you a “welcome” email with a one use coupon for $10. off for an order of $50. or more, no strings attached.  Let me know if this works for you!  And if you’ve already signed up for the emails from Old Navy here’s a little trick to use…  Do you have a secondary email account?  If so, use that one, and sign up for Old Navy emails again, and you’ll get the intro promo code sent to you…  I notice you have a (non – free) email, if you need to open a new email account you can get a free one with gmail or yahoo… 
Now I’ll dig around a bit on the other two codes you’re looking for and get back to you in a separate email.


Hi Laura,

Well, good news & bad news on the Eddie Bauer and J. Jill promotional codes.  First the bad news….  Sorry, I didn’t find any signs that J. Jill uses promotional codes.  I checked some of the big coupon sites and didn’t see one, and also the J. Jill website.  I also checked with several of the ad brokers that I work with on my professional commercial websites.  (Commission Junction, Google Affiliates, and LinkShare and a few smaller ones…)  A lot of times I can apply to individual marketing programs and get promo codes that way.  I just didn’t see J. Jill signed up for any promotion advertising.  I noticed when I went directly to the J. Jill website they are advertising a spring sale, and they also have clearance items at up to 70% off.  J. Jill’s merchandise is very stylish and unique, I can see why you’re looking for a J. Jill promo code!  I did sign up for their promotional emails, so we’ll see what comes of that, you might want to do the same.  Now to save the best for last!  I did find and Eddie Bauer 20% off entire order including sales items promotional code, which expires May 4th, and I’ll include it in the email…  Yippee!  I love Eddie Bauer, and 20% off is great!  So please post a comment after shopping and let us know how much you saved!




So – anyone out there need an Eddie Bauer 20% off Promotion Code?  If so, please post a comment and I’ll send you an email with this weeks promo codes and also the Eddie Bauer promo code.  I send the list out weekly and specialize in shopping and travel.


Please post a comment with your requests or savings!


10 responses to “Promotional Code

  1. Penny, thanks for your most recent email with the Lands End free shipping code. I used it today!

  2. Could really use a promo code for Eddie Bauer I am trying to make a purchase and can’t find a valid code anywhere.

    20% off code would be AWESOME!

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Rachel,
      Glad you found the promo code blog!!! I’m sorry I don’t currently have an Eddie Bauer coupon, but I’ll tell you how I got the last one, which might help you to get the next one. I subscribe to the Eddie Bauer catalogs, and in the last catalog I received there was a little tear out card that had their latest promo code. Unfortunately it has expired. So if you could take a minute to make sure you’re signed up for catalogs, that might work for you. I’ve never tried to us an outdated promo code with Eddie Bauer, but you might want to give them a call, it’s a long shot, but you never know! The code expired May 4th, and here’s the info I had on the code if you want to give them a call. Eddie Bauer Promo Code – “APRSUMHS9” Use this code on the website, or if you call (800)426-8020 mention code “570”. Sorry that’s all I have right now. I do have a Lands End free shipping code good today only, so here’s that info: go to the Lands End site and Enter the Promotion Code MAY5 and the PIN 00008563 in the space provided when you check out. I’ll catch you the next newsletter I send out, Rachel!

  3. I would love that eddie bauer 20% off promo code!

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Tydye!

      Thanks for your comments on the promo code blog! Sorry, no Eddie Bauer Code today…. If I get another one I’ll be sure to include it in the newsletter and send it to you…

      I’m running out the door but just wanted to let you know there’s a Lands End free shipping code for today only – go to the Lands End site and Enter the Promotion Code MAY5 and the PIN 00008563 in the space provided when you check out. I’ll add each of you to the next newsletter mailing when it goes out for other shopping and some travel codes!

      Sorry, no Eddie Bauer code today… Here’s a suggestion on both Lands End and Eddie Bauer – and it’s how I get my codes. Please consider signing up for their catalogs and emails, and then just watch for the codes! It’s my ***Secret*** !!!

      Have a great day!!


  4. any eddie bauer promo codes?

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Cole,
      Sorry it took a few days to get back to you about the Eddie Bauer promo code, I was waiting to see if I’d get one, and I did today. I went back over my old emails from Eddie Bauer and I didn’t see any codes, but today when a new catalog arrived in the mail it did have a code! So, hope this works for you – it’s 20% off for purchases of $100. and more. At checkout use this Eddie Bauer code: SUMRESHS9. There is also a code which can be used for phone orders at 800-426-8020. If you phone in your order mention code “541”. Hope this helps out! And for future Eddie Bauer codes I think the trick would be to sign up for their catalogs by mail, that’s how I got the last one too. They don’t seem to be giving them out in their emails lately!
      By the way, I’d be happy to add your name to my Promo Code Friend newsletter, which I’ll be sending out soon. I’m just looking around for any good travel promo codes 1st. I also have a Lands End Free Shipping Code, which will be in the newsletter.

  5. The Eddie Bauer code I had expired 06/08/09. I thought I had another, but it doesn’t work. I hope you find one, too.

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Kathy,
      Sorry this didn’t work… I’ll include the very next Eddie Bauer code I come across in the next newsletter!

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