May 15 2009 Lands End Free Shipping Promo Code

Hi Promo Code Friends,

It’s been several weeks since I’ve received a new Lands End Promo Code, and I was beginning to think they didn’t have Free Shipping promotions anymore!  Well, today I received the latest Lands End Free Shipping Promo Code! It expires Monday May 18, 2009.   Did you know that if you sign up on the Lands End site you can receive the free shipping promo codes too?  This might not be foolproof, but whenever anyone asks me how to find promo codes I suggest that tip first, with any retailer.  The reason I say that it might not be foolproof is this; about two months ago I sent out the current Lands End sale and free shipping coupon to my newsletter mailing list (Promo Code Friends) and I got a response from one of the promo codes friends in amazement!  She asked me how on earth I got the code!  It was for a REALLY good sale coupon.)  And I told her it was really nothing special, that I just signed up to receive their emails.  She said she gets their emails too, but hadn’t received the same one that I did, and she had called Lands End customer support, and didn’t get a definitive answer about why I had gotten the sale coupon code and she hadn’t, and she had been on Lands End mailing list for years.  Well that’s why I suggest you sign up, but it’s still not foolproof, as I might get additional codes because I share my codes with my newsletter friends, who make lots of purchases.  So maybe if you buy lots you get extra coupons, I really don’t know.  But in that one case we were able to determine that my mail from Lands End was better than hers!  Oh well, I guess that goes to show you that there are still mysteries out there!

Now in case you’re new to this blog and you’re curious about what I’m trying to do here, I’ll fill you in.  This is my fun freebie blog on, anyone can get a free blog here.  Part of the requirement is that you don’t run a “commercial” site.  What that means is that the nature of the blog needs to be informational, not sales.  So this isn’t my affiliate marketing site.  Lands End isn’t an affiliate program for me, and neither is Eddie Bauer or J. Gill or many others that I blog about.  So if I give you the Lands End promo code, or Eddie Bauer, or J. Gill or Old Navy, I don’t make any money.  And that’s ok, this is just for fun!   I just sign up to get their emails, just like you can!  When a really great code comes along I list it in a weekly newsletter that I send out, and I get lots of really appreciative responses.  I don’t send it out more often than once a week, and if there’s nothing going on I don’t send it.  Feel free to post a comment with your email on any post and ask for the codes and I’ll be glad to add you to the list.  And if there’s any special codes you’re looking for just let me know.  I’d be glad to check for you.  Like I said, this is my “hobby” blog, however I also have “real live” commercial blogs that I am the webmaster for, so I have access to about a thousand different companies thru the ad brokers I work with.  I like travel and shopping so those are the ones I “play” with, but I’m not limited to that.  I always have great travel codes!  Looking for one?  Just drop me a line!  And also – just leave a comment if you want the Lands End Free Shipping that expires Monday May 18th.




14 responses to “May 15 2009 Lands End Free Shipping Promo Code

  1. Thanks for the Land’s End free shipping promotion code! I saved $10!

  2. so, what IS the Lands End code, if you don’t mind sharing??? Thanks!

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Tracy!
      Excellent question! It’s in the link, and it fills in automatically, so I’ll send you the link! And I’d be glad to send you future codes too. I’m working on the new newsletter right now, and I also have an Eddie Bauer 20% off ($100. +) and I’m looking around right now for any travel specials.

  3. THANKS! Saved 18+$ on shipping!

  4. Hi, I’d love the code today, if possible!


  5. I saved $14 in shipping!


    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Karol,
      Wow! $14 is great! Glad I could help! If you have a minute to sign up on the Lands End site you’ll get the promo codes directly. I’m not sure you’ll get all the ones I do, but it’s worth a try!

  6. I am hoping to get on the newsletter and I would love the Lands end promo code. thanks

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi KL,
      Sorry if this is multiple times for this email, your address bounced so I’m trying it without the dot between your names. Here’s the link for Lands End:

      I’ll put your name on the list if this email doesn’t bounce…

  7. So glad I was referred to your blog!

    Could you please share with me the Lands End promo code for May 18th? I would be grateful.
    Thank you. Kris

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Kris,
      Glad you found the promo codes blog! Sorry for the late reply, the code is only good for about another hour and a half… How frustrating if you didn’t find one and you’re opening this email too late, I’m so sorry…. Lands End is pretty good if you sign up directly with them, they sound out codes about every week or so…

      I’d be glad to add your name to the list, I send out the codes a couple of times a month.

      Take care,

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