Lands End Most Current Free Shipping Promo Code

This post tracks the most current Lands End Free Shipping Promo Code.  Please check here as we actively track Lands End free shipping promo codes.  Here is the location of the static web page that is constantly updated to reflect the current Lands End Free Shipping Promo Code: 

The code is not posted here because the internet “indexes” webpages too slowly.  By the time posts on this promo code blog are “indexed” the codes have expired.  Therefore we utilize a static page to post current Lands End Free Shipping Promo Codes.

If you would like to be included in the newsletter emails, please post a comment below.



18 responses to “Lands End Most Current Free Shipping Promo Code

  1. Looking for recent Land’s End free ship promo code. Pls help. Thx

  2. I would love the code for free shipping- thanks!

  3. Need free shipping code for Land’s End in August

  4. Need lands end free shipping codes

  5. lands end rocks, and pleases send me the promotional code for free shipping.

  6. Any new promo or free shipping codes for Lands End?

  7. Please send me the code to use for free shipping for Lands End orders; I think there’s one ending tonight at midnight (8/20/09)

  8. I stopped getting your email alerts on LandsEnd codes. Any good ones valid as of Aug 28?

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Gen,
      Saw your blog comment about not getting the alerts, so sorry!!! I moved out to the country and just about lost my mind when I couldn’t use the internet, but finally figured out what the problem was, so I should be back online Oct. 14th. I got satellite internet hooked up, which has a 30 day rolling usage. Unfortunately my son left his computer hooked up for 3 days straight, and he had a “bittorrent” type program installed to share music files. So, the entire time, the file sharing program was allowing anyone in the world to access his computer and upload music! This wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the upload usage! So they shut us down!!! Our penalty phase is almost up..

      You probably won’t get this in time to use it, sorry, it expires tonite: I posted it on Twitter:

      Gotta run, I’m at the public library and it’s closing..

      I’ll be in touch soon,


  9. Please send the Lands end promo code email

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Karen,
      Sorry I haven’t sent a newsletter in awhile. I started the promo code blog as a hobby, and it has skyrocketed in popularity. When I send out to my list it is too big, and I run into troubles. I need to transition to a professional format, which I will soon. I do have a lands End and Eddie Bauer promo code today, hope they help, and I’ll be in touch again as I transition to my new Promo Code Friend blog and listserver. Thanks in advance for your patience!
      Penny – the blog admin and mother of a teen : – )

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