Best Gifts Online

My favorite sites online this week are Lands End and Eddie Bauer…  Why?  Because baby it’s cold outside!  Just looking at their flannel sheets and cozy comforters make me feel warmer!  What kind of events are you celebrating this winter?  Tis the season for gift giving, that’s for sure!

Here are my top 10 winter celebrations, and reasons’ to buy new sweaters, mittens and caps!

10.  Christmas – For this holiday I like to purchase gifts at antique shops throughout the year.  My favorite find is antique Christmas decorations and ornaments.  In addition to this I like to give homemade cookies and pretzels dipped in chocolate.

9.  Winter Solstice – For Winter Solstice I like to give candles and flashlights.  It’s the shortest day of the year, so why not get out there and celebrate that tomorrow the sun will be out longer?

8.  Hanukkah – I love to give framed family portraits on this special day.  This is a day when the family gets together and shares our heritage, enjoys some humor and games, and great food, of course!

7.  New Years – Nothing says New Years like champagne!  I like to splurge on one very expensive and fantastic bottle of champagne for the new years!

6.  Wedding Anniversary – A weekend trip to a bed and breakfast is a fantastic wedding gift.  Or a trip to a National Park – Yosemite is my favorite.  A get-away to rekindle romance is a special wedding anniversary gift.

5.  Wedding – A wedding is a special time of gifting – for this one I’m sure to check the young couple’s bridal registry.  My favorite gift is a sterling silver place setting or serving piece.  This is something the new couple will treasure and keep forever.

4.  Girl’s Birthday – I love to give dolls and dollhouses for a girl’s birthday.  I really think a few handmade trinkets for the dolls are special.  Teen age girls LOVE Free Makeup.

3.  Boy’s Birthday – I love to give puzzles and games for boy’s birthdays.  You can’t go wrong with a board game.  Why not get ready for the birthday party with Free Printable Birthday Invitations?

2.  Grandparent’s Birthday – Why not take all your home movies in to the photo developing store and have them put on DVD?  There are several good video editing programs available where you can edit your videos and even put music on them.  What a great gift idea!

1.  Adoption Celebration Ideas – This is a very special day for the child and their new forever family.  For a girl a charm bracelet could be presented – with each family member selecting a charm that has meaning for them.  For a boy a framed poster made by the family with the family tree and photos of each family member, with their picture in the center of the tree would be fun.

What celebrations will you be giving this winter?  Please leave a comment and share special holiday celebration ideas!  Thanks readers for your input.  And for a variety of gift ideas, our friend H2Ooo Social Emissions at Facebook for some fun ideas!


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