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How to get eBay Promotion Coupon Codes by email from eBay – your personal eBay promo code.  Opt in to e eBay marketing emails to get your own eBay promo codes…

I was contacted directly by eBay staff recently through this promo codes blog, and was asked to get the correct info out about how to get your own personal eBay promo code.  (See eBay’s comments here:  eBay wisdom on eBay promo codes!)  I agreed to update the post I had written to include the disclaimer that eBay provided, and agreed to write a future post with the instructions eBay provided on how anyone can get the official eBay promo codes for themselves.  I had posted the eBay promo code I had received myself from eBay, and got mixed results with folks trying out the promo code from eBay.  And now I know why it didn’t work for everyone.  The problem was noted on the post that eBay left on the Contact page of this blog:  “We just saw your article on eBay coupon code. All eBay codes are personalized and only select members are eligible for redemption. Therefore, most of the users who use the coupons you mentioned wont be able to redeem. Can you add the following note to your article?”  “Note: eBay coupons are individually targeted to predetermined eBay users. Therefore, the codes listed below may not work for you. The best way to receive valid eBay coupons is to opt-in to receive eBay marketing emails.”  eBay staff

I’m glad eBay staff contacted me, (It’s an exciting day for a blogger when eBay comes visiting!!!), because I want to get this promo code info out to you, I haven’t seen it published anywhere else.  It’s not exactly an “eBay Secret”, but it’s not easy to find, either!  That’s the whole purpose of this post, to explain how to get valid eBay promo codes, coupon codes, specials, etc. by opting in to receive eBay marketing emails.  (And since there isn’t a big red button on the home page that flashes OPT IN!  OPT IN!  I thought I’d take a minute and walk you through the eBay process to opt in to e eBay marketing emails to get your own eBay promo codes…

You can read more about eBay promo codes on this blog here:  eBay Promo Codes, and here:  More eBay Promo Codes.

So please pull out a piece of paper and a pencil, you’re going to want to write this down.  Please copy all the instructions in BOLD before you go to eBay, it’ll be much easier for you! Links to eBay are provided.

  1. Have your email account handy.  If you don’t have one, you can get a free one with google.com or hotmail.com. 
  2. Go to the eBay site to the “My eBay” page.  Click here for “My eBay.”
  3. If you don’t already have an eBay account, click on the “Register Now” link.  Click here for “eBay Register Now.”  Once you’ve registered go to “My eBay”.
  4. Once in your “my eBay” page, click on the “Account” tab.  It’s about 1/4 of the way down the page, right beneath your userid. 
  5. Look to the left for the tab “My eBay views”.  Directly underneath that you’ll see a drop down list of items.  Look for the link labeled “Notification Preferences”.  Click on the Notification Preferences link.
  6. Scroll down to the very bottom of the list to “Promotions and Surveys”.  Click on the link that says “Show”.
  7. Opt in for the 5 subscription items listed there.  Select all 5 options for eBay MarketingThis is the eBay secret to getting your own individual personalized eBay promo codes in an email from eBay! 
  8. Click on “Save”, and you’ll come to the final screen, “Your Preferences Were Successfully Saved”. 

So that’s all you need to do to receive personalized coupons and promo codes from eBay.  It’ll be great when you get your first coupon from eBay for your own personalized eBay promo code! 

Hope these instructions on how to get on the eBay email preference list to get your own eBay promo codes was helpful.  Were you able to follow the instructions?  Anything I need to add, change or delete to make it more useful?  Please jump in with a comment, would love for you to join the conversation!  Were you able to get any promo codes in the mail?  Did you use them on eBay and save money?  Let us know!  Thanks!


9 responses to “eBay Promo Codes, eBay Coupons, eBay Promotion Codes

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  6. Please send me the newsletter and the up to date info on all ebay codes, and anything else you might find useful. Do you know of any discounts by using paypal?

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Renae, Debbie, Joan, de, Monica, and CC,

      Thanks for your comments on the Promo Code Blog, https://howtofind.wordpress.com. I just wanted you each to know that I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve been waiting on the edge of my chair to hear of any new Lands End Code, as each of you has requested….. Should be any time now!!!

      And Debbie, to answer your questions about eBay and Paypal… First eBay. They do have promo codes, and I’ve written a post about how to get them! I hope the instructions are easy, I’ve had good feedback – and here’s the link: https://howtofind.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/ebay-promo-codes-the-scoop-the-skinny-the-low-down/. Now, about paypal promo codes… Great question! I’ll snoop around and see what I can find! I do know of one paypal scoop, but it’s not a shopping code….. Did you know that you could refer a business to Paypal, and if they sign up you can share in the revenue? So if you know of any business that might want to start using Paypal, please let me know and I will coach you on how you can earn commissions! And I’ll get back to you if I figure out any shopping promo codes for Paypal… Here’s the link to Paypal. Here’s the link to eBay.

      I’ll add each of you to the promo codes newsletter, which I send out weekly, and hopefully there’ll be some useful codes for you!


  7. I did this a while back and I yet to see any type of code or promation. I get stuff e-mailed to me daily from e-bay.

    • Promo Codes Online

      Hi Rebecca,
      Sorry I haven’t sent a newsletter in awhile. I started the promo code blog as a hobby, and it has skyrocketed in popularity. When I send out to my list it is too big, and I run into troubles. I need to transition to a professional format, which I will soon. I do have a lands End and Eddie Bauer promo code today, hope they help, and I’ll be in touch again as I transition to my new Promo Code Friend blog and listserver. Thanks in advance for your patience!
      Penny – the blog admin and mother of a teen : – )

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